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LearningSpace is the best platform available for managing every aspect of your healthcare simulation learning programs. This audiovisual and simulation center management tool combines the most useful features of an audiovisual system with a learning management application to deliver seamless simulation center management. This turnkey software application offers video and audio management solutions for patient simulation programs, simulators, skills trainers, scheduling, reporting, and communications with real-time video, monitoring, event logs and streaming waveform display accessible from any remote site with one institutional log-in.

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Customer / Tech Support

  • Unlimited e-mail and phone support
  • 24-hour response time for critical problems
  • Access to customer listserv
  • Access to software updates and patches.

Product Hardware Specifications

Supported Browsers:
  • Windows (running Win7 and Win8.1, Chrome 33.0, Firefox, latest release)
  • Apple-Mac (running Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9, Sarfari 6 and 7, and Chrome 33.0)
LearningSpace uses AMC plugins for displaying Live Video on Windows computers. The AMC version compatible with Windows 7 and 8 is currently version If a Windows computer does not have the AMC plugins installed or has an older version, LearningSpace will automatically offer and install the correct version of AMC. LearningSpace currently supports the Makito HD Encoder and the Panasonic WV-SC384 PTZ camera.

Additional Hardware Specs.

  • Standard 15" MacBook Pro, preconfigured with web-based software application.
  • (2) Axis M3006 PTZ cameras on gorilla pods.
  • One digital audio kit.
  • One wireless bridge to connect any wireless CAE Healthcare simulator
  • One VGA capture kit to connect any non-CAE Healthcare simulator or one HDMI capture kit to connect any non-CAE healthcare simulator
  • Electronic user guide
Components are stored in a rolling case to provide portability.


Gold Package provides extended 3 year service contract. Value System Warranty includes:
  • CAE Assurance Plan with Free Training for Life courses held at CAE Healthcare Sarasota, FL.
  • Labor and materials for repairs at CAE Healthcare’s facility.
  • Customer support hotline (telephone and e-mail).
  • On-call service available 8 a.m.-6 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday.
  • On-site repair provided on an “as-needed” basis as determined by CAE Healthcare.
  • Loaner simulator provided at the discretion of CAE Healthcare.
Premier System Warranty includes all the above and additional benefits:
  • All shipping and freight costs to and from CAE Healthcare are included.
  • Once-a-year preventative maintenance by CAE Healthcare, including physical inspection, cleaning and any necessary adjustments or calibrations

Product Dimensions

When operating LearningSpace, a computer with either a Macintosh or Microsoft Windows operating system is required.
Hardware: (Macintosh and Windows)
Minimum Requirements:
  • Intel Core TM 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or equivalent
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • 100 BASE-T Ethernet or 802.11g/n Wireless network access
For optimal software operation, CAE Healthcare recommends:
  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
  • 100 BASE-T Ethernet


LearningSpace Options:
  • LearningSpaceOne: Ultra portable, scalable and affordable for one room simulations
  • LearningSpaceGO: a mobile unit option that adds a "GO Laptop" and wireless access point to the LearningSpace system
  • LearningSpace: connects with one simulator and up to 10 cameras, includes a wall-mounted camera and audio kit
  • LearningSpace Enterprise: connects with four patient simulators and up to 80 cameras, includes onsite installation and training Each LearningSpace system integrates simulator data with a live feed from patient monitors. Advanced search capability saves all recordings and enables instructors to edit and reload videos or to find an replay any portion of a simulation for debrief. LearningSpace offers more than 25 reports for faculty and learners.
Newest release of LearningSpace includes Resource Manager, a comprehensive tracking and reporting tool for simulation center managers which allows for:
  • Tracking standardized patient hours.
  • Tracking the use of simulators, cameras, rooms and selected assets.
  • Allocating time spent by user, department or organization.
  • Displaying resource usages by event, client, or time period.
  • Searching custom reports with outputs to PDF, XLS, HTML formats and more.

Training Procedures / Learning Opportunities

CAE Healthcare offers added value to LearningSpace owners with an account management system and an exceptional consulting team.
LearningSpace includes:
  • Standardized Patient Training Tools to assist SP Educators in online scenario and standardized training making initial trainings and "dry runs" more effective.
  • Standardized Patient Performance Assessment Tools that allow SP educators the ability to assess performance using inter-rater reliability checklists and portrayal evaluations ensuring high quality, standardized encounters.
  • Standardized Patient Scheduling application that allows SPs to provide their availability for simulation activities over the internet sending confirmation emails of date, time, and case to assigned SPs.
  • Standardized Patient and Learner Interaction for notification of prior SP and learner interaction.
  • Standardized Patient Database Activity Reports so cases and activities may be easily identified.

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LearningSpace does a lot of things, maybe too many

Purchased 2011/12Version N/A

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LearningSpace does a lot of things, maybe too many things... Sometimes it looks like they should have put more time to polish some features instead of adding new one. LearningSpace can help you in organizing high fidelity simulation, SP encounters, OSCEs and more, but the learning curve to achieve all this may take some time, especially for OSCE.

Some parts of the software are really intuitive others are not at all. For examples: video recording, video annotation, reviewing videos are really easy to catch but organizing complex activities can be cumbersome. Activities that use specific rights, with multiple rounds of students, multiple case parts (questionnaires) and the intercom must be configure by someone who knows the system well.

Here is a review of few modules of the software:

Users: Users’ access rights can be assigned based on a role or by adding privileges independently. A role (Learner, SP, Faculty, Admin, etc.) contains one or more privileges. You can define your own custom roles which is great. The problem we noticed is that the user can add only one role, but sometimes the role to that user may be different depending on the type of activity you are organizing. So sometimes you have to set more rights to one person for an activity but you have to remember to remove those rights once the activity is completed to make sure they can’t access things they should not.

Searching users, especially SP, can be tricky when you are looking for a user with a specific characteristic. Your filter is lost every time you enter a user’s profile. Users can be imported in batch with an Excel file. It works ok but if your users to authenticate via LDAP you have to configure manually the option afterward. You can’t set in the Excel importation file.

Integration of LDAP authentication works but it needs to be refine because actually you have to specify the "OU" of each user that will logon with LDAP.

Cases: There is a lot of interesting features in the Cases module. While questionnaires (case parts) are not easy to configure they can be really useful in activities where you want to assess learners by letting them answers few questions after their exam or by letting evaluators fill a checklist. Also you can get feedback from the learners or the SP.

Activities: Activities is another big module of LearningSpace. This is where you assign cases and participants to an activity and much more. It can takes time to assimilate this module because again there is a lot of features. You can set a lot of options that you have to try first to make sure they are doing what you expect. In the schedule you can set students waves and assign students to different timeslots. You can define template for your event so you can reuse it in other event.

Reports: There is a lot of reports in LearningSpace, unfortunately they are not very comprehensive and you don’t really know what the point of each one is. Documentation is not helpful in explaining why I should use that report instead of another one.

Documentation: Overall documentation is not that great. On some modules it’s better but on others they are not explaining the big picture of a feature or why should I use it.

Support: Their customer’s support is great. They respond quickly and they developed a feature that we asked.

Conclusion: LearningSpace is not user-friendly. You really have to dive in the software and invest time to understand how it works. Don’t get me wrong, LearningSpace has a lot to offer but be aware that the learning curve to use it effectively is steep. I think that someone who plays with it daily could have great success with that solution. I highly recommend a training to grasp everything that LearningSpace has to offer.

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