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i-Human provides a comprehensive, scalable, cloud-based simulated patient encounter platform to rapidly and fully develop patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning competencies. Paired with cases developed by leading educators, it provides a complete, active learning experience. Users take a patient history, perform physical exams, select and prioritize differentials, order and interpret tests, develop a treatment plan, and document the encounter in the built-in EMR. Our fully interactive, immersive multimedia experience simulates the real world. Users receive individualized feedback and coaching at every step. Embedded learning exercises, basic science tutorials and optional reference links provide a full, integrated learning experience.

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First level support provided by customer's trained on site administrator. Escalated support from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time, M-F excl. major holidays.

Clinical Features

Comprehensive patient encounter including history and physical; differentials; diagnostic test ordering, review and interpretation; definitive diagnosis; treatment plan; EMR documentation; user feedback and coaching; integration with basic science, virtual microscopy, virtual anatomy. Hundreds of cases representing different symptoms and diagnoses; avatars representing different patient ages, sex, and race/ethnicity.

Product Hardware Specifications

Latest versions of all major web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) on Mac, Windows or iOS on desktops, laptops and tablet computers.

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As a cloud-based SaaS application, all ongoing subscribers automatically receive the latest versions with feature enhancements and bug fixes.

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Modules & Add-Ons:
  • i-Human case authoring system
  • i-Human lessons player
  • i-Human lessons authoring system

Training Procedures / Learning Opportunities

Patient assessment and/or diagnostic reasoning, basic sciences in a clinical context. Approximately 200 avatars and 400 cases by end of 2015, plus a repository of tens of thousands of multimedia medical images, videos and sounds.

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Virtual Patients and their role in educating medic

Purchased 2014/10Version N/A

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I-human virtual patients are an excellent tool for a number of reasons for training medical students. The software is well designed and orderly steps students through patient encounters. The cases are created with logical patient histories that lead to reasoned decisions by users and didactic tests/physical exams support the patient diagnosis correctly. These cases provide opportunities for our students to see patients that under many circumstances may not be available during the time they are seeing patients in the hospital or clinics. They are also an excellent source of practice material for SP encounters so students are prepared for the experiences they have, and are better able to focus on patient interactions with less slip ups with didactic reasoning.

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